Respiratory protection
The choice of respiratory protection devices is essential to ensure the safety of the wearer and requires the utmost care. The type, composition and concentration of hazardous substances, working conditions, occupational exposure limit values ​​are criteria that must be met by each user when choosing respiratory protection. There must be a sufficient volume of oxygen in the medium. Aerosols and fine particles are two of the most dangerous health risks in a work environment. Mask filters offer degrees of protection rated FFP1, FFP2, FFP3. Masks designated with NR can be used for up to eight hours, those with "R" can be used for up to 24 hours. Uvex mask models do not provide adequate protection for the workspace where the gas mask is required.
OEL - occupational exposure limit values ​​- the average concentration of a substance in the air at work, to which no damage should be expected. OELs can be used as intermediaries for workplace risk assessment.
MWC - maximum concentration at work
TRC - technical reference concentration

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