uvex top grade 8300 protective glove 60292
Protective gloves made of soft leather without coverExtremely good mechanical abrasion resistance, c..
uvex top grade 8400 protective glove 60291
Protective gloves made of cowhideMaximum flexibility, internal elastic band on the back of the handT..
uvex top grade 6000 protective glove 60288
Winter high quality leather protective glovesHigh tactile feel, soft leather, good thermal propertie..
uvex top grade - 60297
Extremely robust leather glovesHigh resistance to mechanical abrasion, breakingHigh temperature resi..
uvex top grade 8100 protective glove 60294
Very sturdy protective gloves, made of cowhide (3/4), with a very long service lifeGood resistance t..
uvex top grade 8000 protective glove 60295
Integral protective gloves made of the highest quality cowhide, on the back of the hand, breathable ..
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